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Make it easy for your citizens to 

Find information and report issues.

Step 1

Text in your question/request for the city to their specified TextMyGov phone number.

Keyword Texting Examples:
Pay Utilities, Office Hours, Report, Animal Control, Park Reservations, FAQ, Contact. See more keyword examples

Pay Utilites
Office Hours
Animal Control

Step 2

TextMyGov's smart texting technology identifies keywords to instantly provide a response.

Office Hours
Utility Bill
Report an issue

Step 3

Engage with TextMyGov until finished.

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, TextMyGov can provide various types of responses such as:

  • Receive a quick answer to your question.
  • For information that can be found on your city's website, links will be provided to direct you to the correct place. 
  • When reporting an issue to the city, TextMyGov will guide you through a series of steps  that allows you to submit all the necessary info and even allows you to upload a picture.

Report pothole

TextMyGov provides assistance at anytime, day or night!

In addition to TextMyGov's On-Demand Assistance for Citizens, Local governments can use it as a text alert system to send updates to citizens  

Allow citizens to sign up to receive text message notifications.

You can create an alert system to keep residents informed of city announcements and alerts, and/or you can create category-specific alerts for events, storms, road closures, and anything else.

Allow citizens to sign up to receive text message notifications.

Send Text Alerts 

Assisting Your Citizens 24/7! No More Apps.

For Citizens

If you are a citizen looking for your local government to use TextMyGov or you want more information regarding your municipality, click the button below.

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If you're a municipality interested in TextMyGov or an existing client looking for TextMyGov information, click the button below.

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