How It Works

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Step 1

Text in your question/request for the city to their specified TextMyGov phone number.

Keyword Texting Examples:
Pay Utilities, Office Hours, Report, Animal Control, Park Reservations, FAQ, Contact. See more keyword examples

Pay UtilitesOffice HoursAnimal Control

Step 2

TextMyGov's smart texting technology identifies keywords to instantly provide a response.

Office Hours
Utility Bill
Report an issue

Step 3

Engage with TextMyGov until finished.

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, TextMyGov can provide various types of responses such as:

  • Receive a quick answer to your question.
  • For information that can be found on your city's website, links will be provided to direct you to the correct place. 
  • When reporting an issue to the city, TextMyGov will guide you through a series of steps  that allows you to submit all the necessary info and even allows you to upload a picture.

Report pothole

TextMyGov will provide a response at anytime, day or night!