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1 -  Text your question/request for the city to their specified number

Animal Control Road Damage Mayor's Office Office hours
Building Permit Park Reservations Utility Bill
Overgrown Trees Parking Code Complaint

2 -  TextMyGov's Artificial Intelligence searches your text for keywords and returns a response

Office building hours
get nearest address
efficiently make utility payments

3 -  Follow the link, text back information, or start a new question

Each keyword follows a different flow. Some flows will ask if you want to include a picture with your submissions or your contact information. If your contact information is given, you will receive updates on the submitted request or complaint.

For information that can be found on your city's website, links will be provided to guide you to the correct place. The goal of providing these links is to help you find answers quickly and eliminate the need to call into the city.

TextMyGov will provide a response at anytime, day or night!