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TextMyGov is not a government agency. For citizen assistance visit your local government's website.  If this is an emergency please call 911.



What's the nearest address?

200 S. 800 E.

Upload a photo of the issue or leave a note.


Thank you, your report has been submitted to the city.



Text My Gov uses a mobile phone's regular messaging service as a way to relay information to citizens - No more downloads!

Code complaints or animal control issues can be reported though TextMyGov and can include a picture, description, and other info.

Smart Texting Technology identifies keywords in text messages to provide immediate assistance.

Why Everyone is Texting

TextMyGov is the most affordable and simplest way for cities and counties to communicate with citizens.

What can citizens accomplish with a text message?

Find Information

Trash Pick-Up Schedules, City Office Hours, and Parking Info.

Pay Utilities

You can pay your utilities here:

Office Hours

Office hours are 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday-Friday.


You can see our events calendar here:

View more Keyword Examples

Report Issues

Road Damage, Code Violations, Animal Control, and Missed Garbage Pickup.



Street Sign

What is the nearest address?

230 S. 800 E.

Please upload a picture.


Receive Alerts

Upcoming Events, Road Closures, Storm Warnings, Garbage Delays, Power Outages, and Elections.

text notification phone

Request Permits

Building, zoning, sign permits, & more.

Take your communications service to the next level!

TextMyGov helps municipalities meet high-volume demands, and save time while improving citizen communications.



What can I help you with?

Text REPORT to report an issue,
text BILL PAY to pay your utilities,
text EVENTS to see the calendar,
or text FAQ to see more options.


View upcoming city events at:

Office Hours

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM



Simplify Communication

Provide fast assistance through one-word messages

TextMyGov uses smart texting technology to communicate with citizens 24/7.  Local government agencies can answer questions, send links to their website, and provide details on garbage pickup, utility payment, city news, events, office hours, department locations and more. 

Increase Engagement

Enable on-the-go reporting text flows.

TextMyGov uses smart texting technology to engage with citizens.  Citizens can easily report code violations, public works issues like potholes, sign down, drainage problems, tree trimming, sewer smell, and more.  Agencies can engage citizens, start a workflow, and ask specific guided questions regarding location, address, street name and more. 

Boost Website Traffic

Direct users to web pages via text.

TextMyGov uses smart texting technology to maximize a city's website (compatible with any website).  Citizens can text in keywords like festival, parking, ticketing, and more.  The smart texting technology can answer the question, or send  a link from the city's website with additional information.  Local government agencies spend thousands each year on their website, and TextMyGov is the best way to benefit from that investment.  

Geo Mapping Tool for Text Alerts

Keep Citizens Informed

with Text Alert Notifications

Use TextMyGov Text Alerts to keep citizens in the loop with important updates, news, and events in the area. You can allow citizens to get a text message notification for emergencies, upcoming events, garbage pickup schedule changes, road closures, and other announcements. TextMyGov's mapping feature allows you to send alerts to citizens by a defined radius.


Text Alert 

Garbage Collection Day Update

Text Alert

Storm Warning

Text Alert

Road Closure

Text Alert

Upcoming Event


“TextMyGov has been a wonderful asset to our city. It serves as another pipeline to communicate with our residents and easily keep them informed.

The TextMyGov staff is incredibly helpful and willing to step in and help at a moment’s notice.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with TextMyGov and using their services.”

Marie from Utah

TextMyGov has been a game changer for the City as far as getting the word out to citizens in a timely manner.

As an example, Saturday morning around 7 am a tornado struck our town. Shortly thereafter, I got a phone call from the Mayor to get the word out that until damages could be assessed, they wanted to restrict people on the streets. I was able to access TMG from my cell phone at home and within a few minutes had the first alert out. Over the course of the morning while assessments were made, and even the next day as repairs continued, I was able to send out multiple alerts to residents and keep them aware of what was going on.

We have received feedback from multiple residents that they loved knowing what was happening and that the City was on top of things.”

Marla from Nebraska

“We have been using TextMyGov for a few years now and have found it to be a great tool to help us connect people with the information and services they need.  It has cut down on the number of calls that come in because the texts direct the person to the information on the county website.

We hope to expand our use of TextMyGov to include opt-in text groups that inform the public during emergency situations and for special events. We love TextMyGov!”   

Janeen from Utah

TextMyGov is a very efficient way to communicate with your community and employees to keep them up to date and informed.”

Janet from Alabama

TextMyGov is helping support citizens needs in a convenient manner and relay the information to our departments

Meghan from New Mexico

“TextMyGov has saved our office valuable time responding to repeated requests for the same information. It has also been beneficial in providing the correct resources to our community and guests.”

Cathie from Utah

    800 +


    Smart Texting Technology built for government agencies throughout the United States & Canada. 

    United States

    We help agencies across the nation such as: Counties, Cities, Towns, Villages, Townships, and Tribes.

    TextMyGov can create solutions for your entire agency or specific department needs.  Including but not limited to Public Works, Community Development, Parks & Rec, Library, Elections, and Clerks Office.

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      TextMyGov is not a government agency. For citizen assistance, visit your local government's website. If this is an emergency, please call 911

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      Assisting Your Citizens 24/7! No More Apps.

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