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Mission Statement & Vision

TextMyGov's mission is to revolutionize government communications through smart texting solutions.

At TextMyGov, our vision is to transform government communications with cutting-edge smart texting solutions that enable efficient, convenient, and personalized interactions between municipalities and their citizens. We strive to connect communities, offering 24/7 assistance via text and eliminating the need for apps. We are dedicated to empowering local governments with a worthwhile investment and simple means to save time and engage effectively with their citizens.

About TextMyGov

Established in 2019 in Northern Utah, TextMyGov pioneered a smart texting solution that eliminates the use of apps. Serving municipalities across all 50 states and Canada, TextMyGov has developed a comprehensive database that logs all texts sent between the municipality and its citizens, ensuring compliance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). 

Citizens can text their municipality's 10-digit phone number to find information and report issues or opt into a five-digit number to receive specific notifications. Furthermore, TextMyGov offers a widget that integrates seamlessly with municipal websites, providing additional convenience for citizens to opt in.

Powered by iWorQ Systems, this revolutionary approach has completely transformed how municipalities interact with their citizens in their communities, significantly enhancing communication accessibility and efficiency. 

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