Agency Benefits

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Reduce Phone Calls

TextMyGov saves time by assisting citizens for you. Citizens can quickly find information that they are looking for, eliminating the need to call the city.

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Send Text Alerts

Keep Citizens informed with important updates. Citizens can opt-in and choose different types of notifications to receive  sent out by your Agency. 

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Modernize communication

Stay up to date with communication trends. Allow citizens to find, search, and report information using their mobile phone text messaging service.


Boost Website Traffic

Maximize your city website. TextMyGov looks for keywords to direct citizens to links on the city's website.


Track Citizen Requests

TextMyGov uses smart texting technology to track and record all the information that is sent in. Agencies can track the cell phone number, date, and time of every request.

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Streamline Work Processes

Easily generate and complete work orders.  Smart texting collects detailed information  like name, location, street address, and photo uploads.  Data can be sent directly to your iWorQ Management Software to create a work order. 

Fast Setup with Unlimited Training and Support

Our support team will get your agency up and running fast with unlimited training and support.

TextMyGov has partnered with iWorQ Systems and  can import code requests and work orders into your applications.