The TextMyGov Widget

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The TextMyGov widget allows citizens to send a text message to their local government agency and receive automated assistance 24/7!

Overall benefits:

  • Increased engagement from citizens with 3 interaction options (Notifications, find information and report issues)
  • TextMyGov collects interactions data and customers can view useful statistics about citizen engagement.
  • Compatible with any web provider! The TextMyGov widget code is non-intrusive and safe to use on any website.
  • Highly customizable, with templates to help any type of government agency capture the attention on their citizens.

Why government agencies need the TextMyGov Widget

Easier notifications sign-ups:

  • Using the widget makes the sign-up process faster and convenient!
  • Citizens can sign up to receive notifications directly from the widget!
  • Citizens can enter their number and receive a text message asking them to reply YES to verify the opt-in.
  • Using the widget on your website dramatically increases the number of sign-ups due to its ease of use and text-ready feature.

*Government agencies can decide which notification group(s) to feature on the widget, and citizens can simply click the green button to receive a text message and sign up.

Get your citizens texting right away:

  • Citizens can start a text message conversation directly from the widget!
  • Citizens can start to report an issue directly from the widget!
  • The easiest way to get your municipality's TextMyGov number stored on your citizen's phone, in the form of a texting conversation.
  • Using the widget on your website dramatically increases the amount of user interaction due to its ease of use and text-ready feature.

Direct your citizens to your TextMyGov page:

  • The widget lean more button can be linked to your informational page!
  • Increase traffic to your TextMyGov page by featuring the widget on your homepage.
  • Enjoy increased citizen satisfaction with TextMyGov's Smart Texting Technology.

*More citizens using the widget means less phone calls and more time to focus on other important tasks.

Widget options

Learn more

Office Hours

Inform citizens of your TextMyGov service and have the "Learn More" button link to a page on your website to display information about your TextMyGov service and flyers.

Notification Opt-in

Utility Bill

Encourage citizens to sign up for text alerts and have the "Opt-In" button initiate the process of texting in an alert keyword to the 91896 number.

After the text is sent, users will still need to reply "Yes" to confirm opt-in.

Find info/Report issues

Report an issue

Familiarize citizens with TextMyGov’s smart texting and encourage users to start texting to see how easy it is to find information and report issues.

The "Text us" button can initiate a text with a greeting,  a flow, or a One-Response Word to your 10-digit TextMyGov number.

Styling Options

Office Hours