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TextMyGov Widget

What is a widget?

TextMyGov employs smart texting technology to optimize cost-effective communication between municipalities and citizens. Citizens can receive alerts, find information, and report community issues. Users can opt-in to begin this communication process with their local government municipality. Reaffirming the simplicity of this smart texting technology, TextMyGov has developed a widget to make the sign-up process easy for users. A widget is a gadget or application that allows users to access a service or execute a function. A widget is an added accessory to a webpage that promotes increased interaction and improved communication.

The TextMyGov widget consists of JavaScript code embedded in HTML format, designed to be compatible with any website without causing disruptions. Hosted on TextMyGov servers, this code is displayed on your agency's website as an invisible frame that will display the widget, enabling citizens to interact with it without impacting your website's performance. TextMyGov enforces several security measures with the widget data, which are typically confidential but can be addressed upon request.

How does the TextMyGov widget work?

As part of the TextMyGov setup process, the operations specialists provide directions on the website for the TextMyGov widget to be input. Municipalities can choose to include specific features that encourage engagement with their citizens.

  • The “Learn More” feature informs citizens of the TextMyGov service and displays examples of flyers on the user’s website.
  • The widget's “Notification Opt-In” button initiates the texting alert process. A keyword is sent automatically to 91896. 
  • The “Find Info/Report Issues” feature aids users in finding information about their municipality through texting. The “Text us” button initiates a text to the municipality’s assigned 10-digit number.

What's in it for you?

  • Using the widget enhances the sign-up procedure, notifying important information swifter and more convenient.
  • Users can register for notifications directly through the widget. They input their phone number, receive a text message, reply with “yes,” and they’re all set.
  • The widget's presence on the municipality’s website significantly increases the number of sign-ups for the service.
  • The widget has enhanced citizen engagement with the three features or interaction choices.
  • The back end gathers interaction statistics, allowing clients to view real-time data on the widget's use.
  • It is compatible with most web providers—this is why: It consists of just one line of HTML code that won't disrupt your existing website code. Our team has designed the widget to integrate seamlessly with any website.
  • The TextMyGov widget offers numerous styling options that display professionalism, sleekness, and user-friendliness.

Learn More

Visit textmygov.com and request a demo to learn how smart texting technology can boost citizen engagement and save your city/county time.

May 6, 2024
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