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What is TextMyGov and iWorQ Systems?

TextMyGov provides smart texting technology to over 800 municipalities in the United States and Canada, enabling citizens to communicate via text messaging with their local government agencies. TextMyGov is powered by iWorQ Systems, a software company that offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to city and county governments. iWorQ has over 20 software applications that help manage permitting, code enforcement, licensing, work orders, stormwater management, and more. TextMyGov and iWorQ ensure clients receive user-friendly, efficient solutions for managing their municipal operations and boosting citizen engagement.

How Integration Works

Citizens can submit service requests through TextMyGov, and the system automatically logs the requests into iWorQ for tracking and resolution. The system prompts the necessary information when citizens report an issue by texting their local municipalities. A request is then created automatically in iWorQ's Citizen Engagement application. The citizen receives a request number from TextMyGov, and the municipality decides how to address the given request. Once the municipality resolves the request, the municipality can notify the citizen over text, ensuring streamlined communication.

Citizen Perspective

  1. A citizen notices a pothole and texts "Pothole" to the designated TextMyGov number.
  2. TextMyGov responds, requesting information such as the citizen's name and location.
  3. TextMyGov confirms the request's receipt and provides a tracking number from iWorQ, informing the citizen that the municipality's iWorQ system has automatically logged the request.
  4. The municipality can text citizens updates about the status of their request, or citizens can check the status of their request via the iWorQ online portal on the agency website.

Municipality Perspective

  1. When the citizen submits the pothole request, it is automatically logged into iWorQ's system, categorized, and assigned to the appropriate department.
  2. The public works department can receive a notification via email, text, or both.
  3. iWorQ provides the municipality with detailed reports on service requests.

Real-life Example

Jonathan Sullivan from Choctaw, OK, appreciates the Integration of iWorQ and TextMyGov. The two companies have helped Sullivan solve challenges. He explained:

"I think being able to get those text messages that come in [through TextMyGov] and go straight to our iWorQ has been fantastic for our folks—being able to go directly through that rather than plugging up the phone lines and everything. So, I think that's number one, in my opinion.”

"I'm very grateful for iWorQ, like I said, where people are able to text in [to TextMyGov], and that goes straight to the folks that it's supposed to. That makes it a lot easier on us... That's been my favorite. I mean, it just makes sense because then people don't have to get the runaround, you know, with phone calls and stuff, and not knowing if they're talking to the right person. That just frees up so much time, and on our end, it's just a very streamlined process - goes straight to the right person."

Jonathan is the primary user of TextMyGov in the City of Choctaw. Although none of his departments directly have access to it, the integration ensures that all the requests reported are automatically created in iWorQ, which can notify certain departments when a specific request comes through. This process eliminates the need for departments to work with different software programs. However, TextMyGov also has an email notification option, so they can receive a notification from both systems when a citizen reports an issue.

Purpose of Integration

The purpose of integrating TextMyGov and iWorQ is to allow a streamlined reporting process for municipalities and their citizens. Citizens can quickly report issues via text, and the TextMyGov system can notify municipalities immediately after a citizen submits a request with all the necessary information. This process reduces the municipality's extra work, making it easier to organize and assign work orders. TextMyGov's smart texting system sends timely updates via text to the citizens. With the widespread use of cell phones and reduced phone calls in municipalities, our clients find this process more efficient than traditional methods.

June 21, 2024
textmygov powered by iworq

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